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Occoquan Sub-Watershed Study

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The Occoquan Sub-watershed study assesses stream conditions, identifies stormwater problem areas and prioritizes restoration needs.

The purpose of this study is to provide guidance for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) by using a combination of GIS information and field assessments to prioritize and plan how impaired streams, stormwater management, and other infrastructure can be improved and/or restored within the four selected sub-watersheds.

The four sub-watersheds included in the study cover more than 3,100 acres, which is approximately 10 percent of the Occoquan Watershed in Prince William County. They are located near or within the Interstate 95 corridor and surrounding the Town of Occoquan.

These sub-watersheds included in this study are dominated by development, with a range in impervious cover from 37% to 72%. According to the study, urban stream restoration costs in Northern Virginia generally range from $500 - $900 per linear foot due to the complexity of the design and the ease of construction access and staging.

The Occoquan Sub-watershed Study was funded through the County's Stormwater Fee: $37.10 /year for single family homes, $27.85/year for townhomes and $18.02/ 1,000 sq ft. for commercial development.

Although the projects included in this study will be expensive, the cost of doing nothing is even higher— economically, environmentally, and socially. Funding for these and other watershed restoration efforts will help Prince William County meet Chesapeake Bay clean up requirements, protect our public drinking water supply, improve wildlife habitat, improve the appearance of our community, and more.

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