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March 2018 Mid-County Parks & Estates want to change the Comprehensive Plan

Staff Report - 2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Initiation

PWCA Letter to Supervisors

MidCounty Civic Association Letter to Supervisors

PWCA Rural Crescent Blog

Map showing the Rural Crescent

Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes Staff Comments Submission 3

Memo - Staff CPA summary and anticipated Board date

This is at least the third time Supervisors have voted on this proposal. Here's information on two previous plans... they look just like the 2118 version.

2009 Staff Report for CPA Initiation
Resolution - Do not initiate

2012 Staff Report for CPA Initiation
Resolution - No vote, do not initiate

Rural Crescent Map

Rural Crescent Map Showing Parcels 20+ Acres

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Rural Area Incentives

Supervisors have implemented none of their own recommendations aimed at supporting the value of our protected rural area, the Rural Crescent. Without incentives, we're looking at only one piece of the picture.  

  • Implement a Purchase of Development Rights program. OS 4.1

  • Partner with MCB Quantico to help fund and prioritize access to aPurchase of Development Rights program.

  • Make information on conservation easements available to landowners, including distribution points at the Tax Assessment Department and other relevant County offices, to encourage the use of open space/conservation easements as tools to preserve environmental resources. EN3.6

  • Implement an overlay district that identifies priority areas for open space preservation and ensures connectivity. OS 5.3

  • Retain the existing boundary and the 1 unit per 10 acre density of the Rural Area where it presently exists near MCB Quantico. LU4.4

  • Expand the Land Use Assessment Program for Rural Crescent properties.

  • Ensure that the primary function of the Rural Area as reflected by the Long-Range Land Use Plan Map is to maintain open space, protect native habitats, allow for large-lot residential development, allow for agricultural activities, and provide potential sites for community facilities. LU2.6

  • Address violations in the Rural Crescent to discourage illegal industrial uses and unregulated dumping.

  • Address flaws in county Family Subdivision policies that increase residential densities with no County approval required.

  • Restore incentives for properties that are part of an Agricultural & Forestal District.

  • Create and fund a staff position for an Agriculture Development Director.