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 Discover Northern Virginia Nature: Moths
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Superfamily Bombycoidea
Family Sphingidae - Sphinx Moths, Hawkmoths
Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth
Virginia Creeper Sphinx
Hackberry Emperor
Pandora Spinx
Family Saturniidae - Giant Silkworm and Royal Moths
Tulip-tree Silkmoth, Callosamia angulifera
Tulip-tree Silkmoth
Luna Moth
Luna Moth
Rosy Maple Moth
Rosy Maple Moth
Superfamily Gelechioidea
Family Amphisbatidae
Family Autostichidae
Superfamily Geometroidea
Family Geometridae - Geometrid Moths
Deep Yellow Euchlaena Moth, Euchlaena amoenaria
Deep Yellow Euchlaena
Superfamily Noctuoidea
Family Erebidae
Family Erebidae; Subfamily - Litter Moths (Herminiinae)
Speckled Renia Moth
Speckled Renia Moth
Pink-bordered Yellow Moth
Pink Bordered Yellow
Family Erebidae; Subfamily Arctiidae - Tiger and Lichen Moths
Virgin Tiger Moth
Virginia Tiger Moth
Family Erebidae; Subfamily Lymantriinae - Tussock Moths
Family Noctuidae - Loopers, Owlet moths, and Underwings
Family Noctuidae; Subfamily - Cutworm or Dart Moths (Noctuinae)
Superfamily Pterophoroidea
Family Pterophoridae - Plume Moths
Superfamily Pyraloidea
Family Crambidae - Crambid Snout Moths
Julia's Dicymolomia Moth
Julia's Dicymolomia
Double-banded Grass Veneer Moth
Double-banded Grass Veneer
Pasture Grass-veneer
Pasture Grass-veneer
Lucerne Moth
Family Pyralidae - Pyralid Moths
Superfamily Sesioidea
Superfamily Tineoidea
Superfamily Yponomeutoidea
Family Yponomeutidae - Ermine Moths

Ailanthus webworm moth
Ailanthus webworm

Superfamily Zygaenoidea
Family Zygaenidae - Leaf Skeletonizer Moths
Family Limacodidae - Slug Caterpillar Moths
Unidentified Moths
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth Unidentified Moth Unidentified Moth
Unidentified Moth      

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