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Photos of Nests & Eggs for Bluebird Trail Monitors
Eastern Bluebird Nest
Eastern BluebirdEastern Bluebird
Neat, cup-shaped, woven nest. Typically 100% pine needles or fine grass. Eggs powder blue, occasionally white.
Tufted Titmouse Nest
Tufted TitmouseTufted Titmouse
Nest of pine needles, moss, soft plant fibers, crumpled leaves.Cup lined with hair or fur. White eggs with small reddish-brown speckles.
House Sparrow Nest
Male House SparrowHouse Sparrow
Jumble of odds and ends, such as coarse grass, feathers, twigs, bits of plastic or other litter. One side extends higher than the other. Cream colored eggs with fine brown speckles. Always remove nest.
Wren Nest
House WrenWren
Messy nest made of twigs, lined with down or soft plant fibers. White eggs with reddish-brown speckles.
Carolina Chickadee Nest
Carolina ChickadeeCarolina Chickadee
Nest made from moss with down, cup lined with hair, fur, grass or soft plant fibers. White eggs covered with brown speckles.
Prothonotary Warblet Nest
Prothonotary Warbler
Nest made of mosses with lichen, rootlets, small twigs, dry leaves. Rounded cup lined with grasses, sedges, leaf stems, feathers. Cream colored eggs with bold reddish-brown and pale grayish splotches.
Bluebird Eggs
Bluebird Eggs
Carolina Chickadee Eggs
Carolina Chickadee Eggs

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