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Northern Virginia Nature - DAMSELFLIES

POND/NARROW-WINGED DAMSELFLIES (Family Coenagrionidae):The largest group of damselflies in our area, nearly all species have clear wings that narrow at the base. Small to medium-sized, they typically perch horozontally with their wings pressed together over the back. While many are found near ponds, members of this diverse family frequent a variety of habitats, including wetlands and streams.
Atlantic Bluet
Familiar Bluet
Double-striped Bluet
Fragile Forktail
Ramuer's Forktail
Variable Dancer
Powdered Dancer, blue-form female
Powdered Dancer
SPREADWING DAMSELFLIES (Family Lestidae): Large, slender damselflies with clear wings. They prefer prefer still water habitats, although some species can be found near slow-moving water. They hold their wings partly open when perched, usually on stems with their body angled down.
Southern Spreadwing
Great Spreadwing
BROAD-WING DAMSELFLIES (Family Calopterygidae): Large and showy, members of this family have rounded wings that are not sharply narrowed at the base. Most species have black or half-black wings. All live near streams where they are usually found perched horizontally on vegetation fairly low to the ground.
Ebony Jewelwing