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Azure sp.
Azure Azure Butterfly Photos © Kim Hosen
Top - Suburban backyard, Woodbridge, VA; August 2010
Lower - Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area, Nokesville, VA; August 2009

Azure sp.

Azure Butterfly

Azure sp.
Celaestrina ladon
Wingspan: 7/8 to 1 3/8 inch

These small azure-blue butterflies are distinguished from the Eastern-tailed Blue by the absence of both the "tails" and the orange spot on the hindwing.

Although males sometimes patrol close to the ground near host plants, the Azures are usually seen flying higher through the edges of tree canopies and in open areas.

Look for these pretty butterflies from early May through August in a variety of habitats, from suburban areas to woodlands.

Azures nectar on a variety of small flowers. Pale green eggs with white ridges are laid singly on the buds of host plants, which include blueberries (vaccinium) and a wide variety of other species.