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  Photos © Kim Hosen; Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area, Nokesville VA; August 2008
Text by Cristina Reyes

Blue Wild Indigo
Baptisia australis
Pea family, Fabaceae

This beautiful long-stemmed purple flower is native to central and eastern North America and can be found along open woods, river banks and meadows.

You may find this plant perfect for your garden or landscape because it can create a visually stunning border and requires minimal care - just a little bit of water and your average garden soil.  No fertilizer, pesticides or pruning needed.  A win-win for the environment and your green thumb!

This plant thrives in the sunny outdoors and blooms during late spring to early summer and has the potential to grow up to 5 feet. 

Bees, butterflies and songbirds love this flower, especially the Wild Indigo Duskywing butterfly who can’t get enough of its delectable petals.  But rabbits and deer can go without.  This plant is also usually free of insects and foliage disease.

Native American Indians use it for things such as clothing dye, eyewash and tea.  Furthermore, its seedpods also make for wonderful dried flower arrangements.