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Rural Crescent in Prince William County
2008 Comprehensive Plan Update
2009 Comprehensive Plan Amendments Staff Report
Existing, Planned & Zoned Residential Densities
2008 Mobility Committee Recommendations

Mid-County SRR District

2012 Prince William County Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Planning staff summary of these CPA Requests HERE .... Prince William County Mapper HERE.
CPA Magisterial District Applicant / Agent Proposal (Land use category definitions HERE) Comment
1. Stone Haven
Brentsville Peter Dolan
Walsh Colucci et al
+/- 337 acres from FEC, to SRM, SRL, and GC. Location: northeast side of Linton Hall Rd +/- 2,150 ft northwest of its intersection with Rollins Ford Rd and extending northeast +/- 3,000 ft and southeast +/- 4,500 ft; at the southwest quadrant at the intersection of Wellington Rd and Devlin Rd If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1, to PMR, PBD, and /or B-1, O(F) and M2, for a mixed use community.

2. Mid County Parks and Estate Homes


Text description and map HERE.

Coles Classic Lakes LLC ± 316 acres from AE Rural Crescent & ER to SRR & POS
Location: 1/2 mile along Classic Springs Drive past the Canova Springs Place intersection.
If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1 zoning to SR-1
3. New Dominion Square
GPINs 7794-78-2062 7794-79-8410 7794-88-7936 7794-89-2123

Coles Jay Du Von
Walsh Colucci et al
± 40.6 acres from CEC & SRL to SRM Location: on the east side of Dumfries Rd, approx 1.7 miles north of the Dumfries Rd/ Prince William Parkway Intersection If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1 zoning to PMR
4. Wheeler Estate Property



Gainesville Jay Du Von
Walsh Colucci et al
Balls Ford Rd/Sudley Rd intersection. If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1 zoning to PMR
5. Bradley Square PLN2012-00228
Coles Jay Du Von Walsh Colucci et al ± 22.1 acres from CEC to SRM Location: portion located on east side of Dumfries Rd approx 1,200 ft south of Dumfries Rd/Old Dominion Rd intersection & another portion located on south side of Old Dominion Dr approx 800 ft from its intersection with Dumfries Rd If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1 zoning to PMR or R6
6. Bell Property PLN2012-00229
Gainesville Peter Dolan Walsh Colucci et al +/- 127 acres from SRR & ER to SRL & ER Location: north and west side of Catharpin Road, approx 900 ft north of its intersection with Fieldstone Way If initiated, a rezoning will be submitted from A-1, to PMR, for Age-restricted single family dwellings

Relevant Land Use Designations – Definitions

AE, Agricultural or Estate [Rural Crescent]: One dwelling per 10 acres.

CEC, Community Employment Center: For sites at or near intersections of principal roads or commuter rail stations. It allows 75% employment use and 25% retail and/or residential, 6-12 dwellings per acre.

ER, Environmental Resource: All 100-year floodplains, Resource Protection Areas, areas with 25 percent or greater slopes, areas with 15 percent or greater slopes in conjunction with soils that have severe limitations, soils with a predominance of marine clays, public water supply sources, wetlands, and critically erodible shorelines and stream banks.

FEC, Flexible-Use Employment Center: Provides for light manufacturing, "start-up" business, and offices.

GC, General Commercial: Provides for infill of existing commercial "strips."

PL, Public Land: Identifies public land within the County in order to provide an indication of existing and planned public facilities, institutions, or other government installations.

POS, Parks and Open Space: Identifies a number of existing parks and recreational areas of the County.

REC, Regional Employment Center: For sites close to or with good access from major interstate highways. It allows 75% employment use and 25% residential with 16-30 dwellings per acre.

SRH, Suburban Residential High: Provides for multifamily housing, allowing 10-16 dwellings per acre.

SRL, Suburban Residential Low: Allows 1-4 single-family detached dwellings per acre.

SRM, Suburban Residential Medium: Allows 4-6 dwellings per acre. Single-family detached is preferred with single-family attached limited to 25% of total land area.

SRR, Semi-Rural Residential: Allows 1 dwelling per 2.5 acres.

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